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Welcome to our online searchable database of the Journal of Perioperative Practice (JPP) articles (1998 - present).

JPP is the official journal of the AfPP. It promotes perioperative practice through publishing literature reviews, research-based articles, topical discussions, advice on clinical issues, current news items and product information. The journal also encourages a sense of community among perioperative practitioners by providing a forum for debate.  Members and non-members can use our search facility. You can search by the article's title, a subject keyword or by author.

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Contents page September 2016 (PDF 599 Kb)

Published- Sep 2016.

Table of contents, September 2016

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Airway management of the morbidly obese patient (PDF 297 Kb)

Published- Sep 2016. Author - E Hodgson.

A UK study found that obese patients are twice as likely as non-obese patients to develop airway problems during general anaesthesia (Cook et al 2011). This article focuses on airway management of morbidly obese patients during anaesthesia and examines the associated respiratory, gastric, and existing co-morbidity complications that can be expected. Strategies that practitioners can use to reduce these risks are discussed.

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Book Reviews September 2016 (PDF 781 Kb)

Published- Sep 2016. Author - Hannah Abbott & Helen Booth; Neil Gopee.

Book Reviews, September 2016: Foundations for Operating Department: Essential Theory for Practice edited by Hannah Abbott and Helen Booth, reviewed by Daniel Rodger
Mentoring and Supervision in Healthcare by Neil Gopee, reviewed by Julie Quick.

£ 10.00 (free to members)

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Falling leaves (PDF 314 Kb)

Published- Sep 2016. Author - Karen McCutcheon.

From the Editor, September 2016

£ 0.00 (free to members)

Know your authentic self and be true to that wonderful person (PDF 396 Kb)

Published- Sep 2016. Author - Mona Guckian Fisher.

President's message, September 2016

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