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Welcome to our online searchable database of the Journal of Perioperative Practice (JPP) articles (1998 - present).

JPP is the official journal of the AfPP. It promotes perioperative practice through publishing literature reviews, research-based articles, topical discussions, advice on clinical issues, current news items and product information. The journal also encourages a sense of community among perioperative practitioners by providing a forum for debate.  Members and non-members can use our search facility. You can search by the article's title, a subject keyword or by author.

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Auditing the needs of recovery room staff providing care for the child in an acute hospital (PDF 288 Kb)

Published- May 2016. Author - Jane Nicholas-Holley.

This article examines the results of an audit into recovery nurse knowledge and understanding of paediatric care standards. It will critically analyse the availability of current standards for children's services in the recovery room and discuss the need for a national document specifically dedicated to standards of practise for the care of the child in the recovery room providing immediate post operative care. The article will also look at the development of such a document.

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Book Review May 2016 (PDF 496 Kb)

Published- May 2016. Author - Marie Digner.

A book review May 2016: Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism, a guide for practitioners by Andrew Blann. Reviewed by Marie Digner.

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Cochrane review: Warming of intravenous and irrigation fluids for preventing inadvertent perioperative hypothermia and morbidity (PDF 275 Kb)

Published- May 2016. Author - Maria Jose Gois Paixao.

Cochrane review, May 2016

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Contents page May 2016 (PDF 379 Kb)

Published- May 2016.

Contents page May 2016

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Increasing operating room efficiency through electronic medical record analysis (PDF 1492 Kb)

Published- May 2016. Author - Manuel C Vallejo.

We used electronic medical record (EMR) analysis to determine errors in operating room (OR) time utilisation. Over a two year period EMR data of 44,503 surgical procedures was analysed for OR duration, on-time, first case, and add-on time performance, within 19 surgical specialities. Maximal OR time utilisation at our institution could have saved over 302,620 min or 5,044 hours of OR efficiency over a two year period. Most specialities (78.95%) had inaccurately scheduled procedure times and therefore used the OR more than their scheduled allotment time.

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