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Welcome to our online searchable database of the Journal of Perioperative Practice (JPP) articles (1998 - present).

JPP is the official journal of the AfPP. It promotes perioperative practice through publishing literature reviews, research-based articles, topical discussions, advice on clinical issues, current news items and product information. The journal also encourages a sense of community among perioperative practitioners by providing a forum for debate.  Members and non-members can use our search facility. You can search by the article's title, a subject keyword or by author.

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West Midlands Major Trauma Centre Theatre Practitioner Collaborative (PDF 247 Kb)

Published- Oct 2016. Author - G Doyle.

This study presents an exploration of the factors which influence the successful implementation of the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist.

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Book Reviews October 2016 (PDF 584 Kb)

Published- Oct 2016. Author - Marie Digner and Eloise Pearson.

Book Reviews, October 2016: Deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism: A guide for practitioners, by Andrew Blann, reviewed by Marie Digner.
Ethics for nursing and healthcare practice edited by Kath Melia, reviewed by Eloise Pearson.

£ 10.00 (free to members)

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Cochrane Review: The use of ultrasound guidance for perioperative neuraxial and peripheral nerve blocks in children (PDF 305 Kb)

Published- Oct 2016. Author - Hung da, Dai.

Cochrane review, October 2016.

£ 10.00 (free to members)

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Contents page, October 2016 (PDF 230 Kb)

Published- Oct 2016.

Contents page, October 2016.

£ 0.00 (free to members)

Crossing boundaries and moving in the right direction (PDF 321 Kb)

Published- Oct 2016. Author - Mona Guckian Fisher.

President's message, October 2016

£ 0.00 (free to members)

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