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Heather Darwen


I have been involved in the Association since the second year of my ODP training and feel a great pride in doing so.  I have continued my involvement whilst progressing through to registered practice, and have recently been appointed Regional Lead for the North West. 

I have a passion for the career progression of ODP’s and Theatre nurses and enjoy supporting ODP and Nursing students in their early career development; encouraging experiences in areas outside of the perioperative environment that will broaden their knowledge and understanding of the surgical patient experience, as it did for me.   It is this interest that encouraged me to undertake the role of ‘Clinical Advisor for Early Career Development’ for AfPP and I am so excited to have an active participation in the charity board regarding perioperative early career development.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank AfPP for their support in the early stages of my career!

Heather Darwen

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