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Adrian Jones

Adrian commenced his theatre nursing career in 1982 (as the Falklands war started!) whilst serving in the Naval Nursing Service (Q.A.R.N.N.S). In 1996 Adrian returned to his home city and Norfolk & Norwich University Hospital, to become one of the first Orthopaedic Surgical Care Practitioners (SCP) in England: A role where non-medical professionals practice surgical interventions within a Consultant led surgical operating team.

Adrian encouraged regional SCP students as a Lecturer Practitioner within the University of East Anglia, has represented AfPP in national working parties/consultations on advanced perioperative role development and spoken internationally on the subject.

Recently elected as associations President to serve a two year term, Adrian believes that well led, focussed association activity, resourced education and local perioperative passion enables safe patient care. 

Alongside fellow trustees, activists and regional leaders, he believes the Association’s sustainability, commitment and care will continue a legacy of over 50 years service and professional influence!

Married with two emerging young adult offspring and a grandson, when not in practice, he is a keen coastal dog walker, theologian and Nelson addict!


Adrian Jones
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