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Brian Smith

Brian's extraordinary career began in 1984 when he joined the NHS as a porter. Following successful completion of the Operating Department Practice programme he continued to stretch and challenge himself through further and higher education. Whilst working in the perioperative field he studied to become a psychodynamic counsellor/therapist. Whilst off duty from his perioperative role he gave up his time to work with patients with post-traumatic stress disorder and anxiety. 

Later he became a Licensed Neurolinguistic Practitioner, which featured in his therapeutic and perioperative role through his effective communication. Re-engineering his own confidence he sought new ways in teaching and learning within clinical practice. His notable passion for education led him into higher education where he continues to write and deliver new global perioperative programmes. 

Brian has been a member of the Association for Perioperative Practice for a considerable amount of years and was the Editor of the Journal of Perioperative Practice in 2009. He continues to review for the Journal and is keen to contribute new articles. His thirst for new knowledge is inherent within his research and passion to arouse curiosity among learners and practitioners. 

In 2012, Brian was awarded the prestigious Higher Education Academy National Teaching Fellow for excellence in teaching and learning for developing inspiring and innovative new models of learning. UK and USA universities continue to draw upon his teaching and learning expertise. 

In his spare time, Brian provides coaching to all at any stage of their career. One to One coaching and educational workshops are bespoke in design for each context i.e Healthcare, Medicine, Education and more. He ensures each engagement is transformational and adds value to an individual's performance and organisational activities. 

Brian's reason for becoming a Trustee is to 'give back' to perioperative education and to promote excellence in perioperative care. 

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