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 Please read these instructions carefully, as articles will only be accepted if they are in the correct format, with references laid out as described in the instructions (available below).

The Journal of Perioperative Practice (JPP) welcomes unsolicited articles on various perioperative care issues. The journal publishes literature reviews, care studies, original research and Open Learning Zone articles (OLZ).

OLZ articles are designed as a learning tool for AfPP members to enable them to collate evidence for their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements. To find out more about OLZ articles please see the OLZ Guidelines (available below).

Manuscripts submitted for consideration by the Editor must be the original work of the author and not under consideration by any other publication.

All articles submitted to JPP are subject to double blind peer review. The journal is indexed on: The International Nursing Index, PubMed and CINAHL.

Please ensure all articles submitted are directly relevant to perioperative practice and that all claims made are backed up with appropriate and up-to-date referencing.

Articles should be approximately 3,000 words inclusive of abstract, references and any text in tables and figures, although this can be exceeded in special cases when agreed in advance with the Editor.

Submit your article to JPP at:

Instructions for authors, additional notes for authors and OLZ guidelines are available below.

Authors of accepted articles are required to assign copyright in their article to Sage, the publisher of JPP, before publication. This enables the publisher to ensure that the published article is used correctly, and to prevent unauthorised or inappropriate use of it. Please complete the copyright assignment form and submit it with your article.

If the article is not accepted, the copyright assignment will be void.

The full JPP instructions for authors can be found at:


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