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The IPP (Innovation, People and Practice)

Launched in January 2020, the IPP replaces AfPP's Procurement Guide and newsletter. The IPP is stand alone supplement which published and despatched with the Journal of Perioperative Practice ten times per year.

The IPP includes a wellbeing feature, interviews with practitioners and suppliers, articles on Best Practice and product innovation. 

Available digitally; to be added to our mailing list for future editions please email Please include your name, job title and email address.

To find out more about advertising in future editions of the guide, download the media pack attached.

COVID-19: Please remember that because the Journal and the IPP magazine are produced about six weeks in advance of landing on your doorstep, it is impossible for us to include the most up to date information about the current situation. To receive this, please keep checking the COVID-19 news pages on our website.

January 2020 Issue 1 March 2020 Issue 2 April 2020 Issue 3
May 2020 Issue 4 June 2020 Issue 5   July 2020 Issue 6
September 2020 Issue 7  October 2020 Issue 8   November 2020 Issue 9
December 2020 Issue 10  January 2021 Issue 11
 March 2021 Issue 12
April 2021 Issue 13 May 2021 Issue 14  June 2021 Issue 15
July 2021 Issue 16  September 2021 Issue 17  

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