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AfPP produce and publish our own series of publications on key perioperative topics, including; standards and guidance, professional development, audits, specialist practitioner tools and much more... Below is a list of of publications offered for sale from AfPP. Click on the links for more information, prices and how to order.


Sharing Knowledge in the Perioperative Environment 

The go to book for students, their mentors and newly qualified perioperative practitioners.

This publication aims to provide practical information and advice for all pre-registration student perioperative practitioners, newly qualified and non-registered practitioners. It also provides advice and guidance for individuals who support and facilitate learning within the perioperative environment.

The aim of the publication is to offer insight into the tools and support available to those undergoing learning and those supporting students. There is also information to support HCAs who may be developing their knowledge and skills within the environment

Author: Dawn Stott, Paul Bond. ISBN: 978-1-904290-33-9

Members £16.95 Non members £19.95


Theatre Etiquette: A Guide to Theatres

The operating theatre is a unique environment with unfamiliar sights, sounds and odours. This essential guide offers all healthcare professionals working in the perioperative environment an overview of what to expect and how to behave whilst in the operating department. It includes health and safety measures, an overview of the operating theatre team, the Five Steps to Safer Surgery and Ten Objectives for Safe Surgery. It also covers guidance on information and confidentiality, top theatre tips from AfPP members and links to other useful resources. 

Author: AfPP



IN YOUR POCKET Perioperative Practice

This new edition of the Pocketbook brings you a concentrated 'snap shot' of perioperative practice. It is a helpful guide for nursing, midwifery and operating department practitioner (ODP) students and novice perioperative registered nurses/ODPs. It is envisaged that individuals will use this guide as a starting point for observation and learning alongside further reading and application to practice. The book has laminated pages and fits neatly in your pocket! 

Authors: PA Hood, M Tarling and S Turner. ISBN 978-1-904290-30-8

Members £10.00  Non-members £12.00


Challenging Behaviours in the Perioperative Environment

Violence, bullying and harassment are not new concepts and neither are they confined to patients and relatives on healthcare staff; many incidents have been reported among managers (more..)

Author: AfPP. ISBN 978-1-904290-15-5

Audit Tool 2

Perioperative Audit Tool - Second Edition

NEW - Perioperative Audit Tool Second Edition

AfPP's Perioperative Audit Tool is a resource which supports practitioners to identify and implement effective risk management strategies. (more...)

Author: AfPP. ISBN - 978-1-904290-31-5 


NEW** Stories From The Operating Theatre & Other Essays

A collection of articles written by Professor Harold Ellis that have been published over
the last two decades in the Journal of Perioperative Practice. (more...)


AfPP member price £30.00

Non-member price £30.00

Members should log in to order online. Non-members can order by calling 01423 881300

Price is inclusive of UK postage and packing. Additional postage costs for delivery outside of the UK will be added at a later stage.

Author: Prof. Harold Ellis ISBN - 978-1-904290-32-2



Surgical Care Practitioner - Core Syllabus

The Surgical Care Practitioner Core Syllabus (first edition) provides an academic tool for those wishing to develop the surgical care practitioner role. It is to be used in conjunction with the Surgical Care Practitioner Curriculum Framework published by the Royal College of Surgeons of England (RCSEng) in 2014. This core syllabus provides a recognised, standardised and transferable education and training programme. The fundamental aim is to promote the wellbeing of the perioperative patient. 




Surgical First Assistant Competency Toolkit

Provides a reference tool for both managers and practitioners to assist the process of strategic planning for, and implementation of, the Surgical First Assistant (SFA) role in operating theatre departments throughout the United Kingdom. (more...)

Author: AfPP ISBN: 978-1-904290-20-9


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