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AfPP Publications

AfPP produce and publish our own series of publications on key perioperative topics, including; standards and guidance, professional development, audits, staffing, specialist practitioner tools and much more... Below is a list of of publications offered for sale from AfPP. Click on the links for more information, prices and how to order.




Challenging Behaviours in the Perioperative Environment

Violence, bullying and harassment are not new concepts and neither are they confined to patients and relatives on healthcare staff; many incidents have been reported among managers (more..)

Author - AfPP. ISBN 978-1-904290-15-5


Foundations in Practice       

This publication draws from the very successful series of open learning zone articles published in recent issues of the Journal of Perioperative Practice. Each article contains a number of continuing professional development (CPD)   (more..)

Author - AfPP. ISBN 978-1-904290-14-8


Perioperative Audit Tool

This is the first edition of the revised tool (previously the Risk and Quality Management System) and it continues to be based on a model of comparison against recognised benchmarks for quality practice. The tool provides a framework for departments to examine service performance and identify potential improvements in delivery of service using a peer review process.  (more...)

Author - AfPP. ISBN - 978-1-904290-21-6 


NEWPersonal and Professional Development Tool

Provides a simple and effective framework to help shape your professional development and store your achievements. This updated professional development tool is designed to support requirements to meet statutory obligations in respect of nurses and practitioners registration. (more...)

Author - AfPP. ISBN - 978-1-904290-26-1


Staffing for Patients in the Perioperative Setting 2014 (ebook) 

Revised and updated, this document sets out the overarching recommendations for a staffing model utilising the associated issues that need to be considered fundamental to every perioperative environment. These environments could be in the public or the independent healthcare sector or indeed anywhere delivering perioperative care. (more..)



Staffing for Patients in the Perioperative Setting 2014 (Paperback) 

As described above but paperback version. (more..)

Author - AfPP. ISBN - 978-1-904290-23-0


NEWStandards and Recommendations for Safe Perioperative Practice 2016

The official Standards and Recommendations of the Association for Perioperative Practice. (more...)

Author - AfPP. ISBN - 978-1-904290-27-8


Supporting Students in the Perioperative Environment 2nd Edition 

This edition, published October 2009, provides practical information and advice for two main groups of perioperative staff: (more..)

Author - Africa Bocos, John Biddle, Sandra Huntington, Sue Lord. ISBN - 978-1-904290-12-4


Surgical First Assistant Competency Toolkit

Provides a reference tool for both managers and practitioners to assist the process of strategic planning for, and implementation of, the Surgical First Assistant (SFA) role in operating theatre departments throughout the United Kingdom. (more...)

Author: AfPP ISBN: 978-1-904290-20-9


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