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Book - Surgical First Assistant Competency Toolkit

Surgical First Assistant Competency Toolkit

Provides a reference tool for both managers and practitioners to assist the process of strategic planning for, and implementation of, the Surgical First Assistant (SFA) role in operating theatre departments throughout the United Kingdom. 

  • Outlines the strategies and frameworks within which the SFA role can be developed.
  • Guides operating department managers and surgical supervisors to develop a co-ordinated and nationally recognised in-house training programme for individual trainee SFAs.
  • Ensures that registered perioperative practitioners demonstrate achievement of the national standards required of practitioners working in the SFA role.
  • Defines the range of knowledge, skills and standards of practice for the SFA.
  • Can be used alongside academic modules and awards, and other training packages.
  • Supplied in a ring binder so that you can add your own reports and evidence. 


Ring binder, 228pp, Fourth Edition, Published 2018 

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