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Education and Research Fellowship Fund

Apply for funding to attend courses, conferences, study days or to undertake research.

The purpose of the fund is to:

  • advance the study of, and to promote excellence in perioperative practice.
  • promote innovation in perioperative practice and extend knowledge and skills in order to meet changing needs.
  • assist with fees and other financial requests as deemed appropriate by the Trustees in order to enhance the development of perioperative practice.
Criteria for awarding funding:
  • An approach for funding and study leave should have already have been made to the individual members employing authority.
  • A report must be submitted in electronic format, or if this is not possible in hard copy, within 12 months of funds being awarded or completion of course/research.
  • If an original article or dissertation is produced from the course/research undertaken it must be made available in the first instance for publication in an AfPP journal; copy may be placed in the AfPP library. This must be within 12 months of course or research completion.
  • AfPP and ERFF must be acknowledged every time material resulting from the course or research is published or presented.
  • Submissions must be the original work of the member receiving the grant.
  • Funding must be claimed within 12 months of the grant being awarded.
  • Funding will only be awarded to cover 12 months of any course at one time.
  • Trustees must be informed if the funding awarded is no longer required.
  • Funds will not be paid out without original receipts or invoices being submitted.
  • Funding is not transferable.

Application forms must be received before an activity takes place, as ERFF is unable to grant funding in retrospect.


Deadline for applications: Changes to accommodate meetings

Award made: At each ERFF meeting

Further details: ERFF is a registered charity. The charity number is: 288062

Contact Details: Kate Stanton- 01423 856 556 -

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