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Advancing Surgical Roles Group


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Over the past decade changes in surgical practice, workforce requirements and junior doctors' training programmes have seen the emergence of new surgical roles to meet new demands in healthcare delivery.

The Advancing Surgical Roles Specialist Interest Group (ASR SIG) has been developed to support practitioners who are training for, undertaking or planning to develop the following roles:

  • Surgical First Assistants (SFAs)
  • Surgical Care Practitioners (SCPs)
  • Assistant Theatre Practitioners (ATPs)

The amalgamation of NAASP with AfPP in 2012 and AfPP's continuing collaboration with the Royal College of Surgeons have offered the ASR SIG leads exciting opportunities to support perioperative practitioners carrying out advanced surgical roles.

This site aims to provide a comprehensive resource presenting direct links to education resources, up to date ASR SIG newsletters and information on forthcoming AfPP conferences & study days.

We also have an area on this site, which is open for lively discussions and comments. The ASR SIG discussion forum offers members the opportunity to exchange ideas, ask for advice and seek information. It should be noted that any advice given by members of the SIG will not necessarily be AfPP policy and at times there may be some ‘editorial control’ exercised on the responses. However if used responsibly it should build into a useful bank of information which can be of benefit to us all.

The ASR SIG is currently led by Sabrina Sokolowski. Should you wish to contact them directly you can do so through the Advancing Surgical Roles SIG email address - Alternatively if you would like to discuss a confidential issue you can contact the AfPP Professional Advice Service.


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