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Anaesthetic, Recovery and Day Surgery Group

The following roles are among those most likely to be interested in AfPP's Anaesthetic, Recovery and Day Surgery Forum:

  • Anaesthetic practitioners, Recovery (post anaesthetic care unit) practitioners, Multi skilled day surgery unit practitioners and related areas such as critical care units
  • Managers responsible for development in these areas
  • Members undertaking research within these specialties
  • Practice development/practice educator staff working within these fields.

This ‘virtual community’ enables you to contribute to the work of fellow members and discuss issues and concerns, exchange ideas and obtain further advice and support.

The functions of the AR&DS SIG are to:

  • Provide a communication network
  • Liaise with associate professional bodies
  • Provide supportive and education network to practitioners working within the area of anaesthetics postoperative recovery and day surgery units
  • Provide a professional network for practitioners wishing to develop within the area of anaesthetics/recovery/day surgery.

The SIG is currently led by Paul Dawson. If you wish to contact the SIG directly you can do so through the Anaesthetic, Recovery and Day Surgery SIG email

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