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Educators Group

The Educators’ SIG is part of AfPP’s commitment to the development of perioperative practice and continued professional development of all staff working in the perioperative environment.

The SIG is for the benefit of AfPP members who hold education, practice development or other similar posts. The aim is to support AfPP members in the constantly changing and challenging modern health service by providing a means of communication, dissemination of good practice and support for members.

This SIG intends to keep members up to date with current issues related to education and practice development aiming to reduce unnecessary work and “reinventing the wheel”

The Educators SIG is free to AfPP members and as a member you will receive regular e-newsletters keeping you informed of educational issues, news and events.

If you wish to contact the Educators SIG lead Maxine Page directly you can do so through the Education SIG email


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