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Management and Clinical Leadership Group

Calling all theatre managers – as part of a research project, please can you let us know how many Surgical Care Practitioners (SCPs) you have working at your hospital.  Please email: with the numbers and your hospital location. Thank you.

This group exists to meet the specific needs of managers and aspiring managers working in the perioperative environment.

We hope you feel able to ask questions using the online discussion forum and will endeavour to find answers for you.

We understand that clinical leadership and management roles, whilst fulfilling can be very lonely. There are hundreds of us out there, so please get in touch.

We hope you will access this virtual community to exchange ideas, act as a sounding board, discuss issues and generally contribute to a support network.

The SIG is currently lead by Latitia McKirdy-DeadmanIf you wish to contact the SIG directly you can do so through the Management and Clinical Leadership SIG email

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