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Specialist Interest Groups are a networking and support function for AfPP members. They are a virtual group whose main communication is via email or the online forums in the membership area of the website. The SIG Leads meet at least once a year at the AfPP annual congress and usually also at the beginning of the year. AfPP members who have joined the SIG(s) are invited to attend the meeting at congress.


The purpose of the SIGs is to support the Association’s strategy in providing:

·         Editorial – acting as reviewers for JPP articles and AfPP publications

·         Education – contributing to event themes and agendas, speaking on their specialist subjects or identifying and disseminating relevant evidence or research findings

·         Consultation – a resource for AfPP on those speciality matters and contributing to consultation documents

·         Networking – facilitating online networking between members and with key stakeholders and providing management and clinical advice on their areas of speciality


Every AfPP member can sign up to any of the SIGs through the AfPP website. This will allow members to receive SIG news and enter discussion forums. If you haven’t already seen where it is available or signed up for a group, you can view them in the networking area of the website – you will need to log on in order to view them:


There are currently seven Specialist Interest Groups (SIGs)

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