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I am being logged out of the AfPP website?

The website will log members out, automatically, after 30 minutes of inactivity

I could not read/download PDF's from the website?

If you are unable to read PDF's from the website, make sure you are using an up to date version of Adobe Reader, by visiting Adobe.

If you are still experiencing problems downloading PDF's/other documents, please ring the membership team on 01423 881300, to let us know.

I could not access online learning modules, or the online education site, is showing an error when trying to use it?

Please ensure your computer is operating on either Windows XP/Vista/7 with an up-to-date version of Adobe Flash Player.
If you are accessing this site from a work computer please check with your internal I.T. department that the security levels are not set too high.
If you cannot move on by clicking the next button at the bottom of the online learning modules please note that you must have read through (e.g. clicked onto) every page and section before it will allow you to move forwards.

I'm seeing a black screen when launching Online Education modules

The latest Adobe Flash Player update may be preventing the service to work. Try the below steps as a temporary fix.

  1. Make sure you have closed all programs and saved any work
  2. Download the Adobe Uninstaller from Adobe
  3. Restart your computer, if required (Adobe recommends that you do)
  4. Download the Adobe archive of version
  5. Unzip/Extract the contents of the download

If you are using Windows XP/Vista/7 and Internet Explorer, browse the folder you have just extracted, and locate the file 'flashplayer10_3r181_26_winax.exe'. It's default location will be 'fp_10.3.181.26_archive\10_3r181_26\flashplayer10_3r181_26_winax.exe'. If you are using a different Internet browser, please read the 'read me' file in the extracted folder for more information.
Adobe uninstall guide
Adobe archived versions

Having trouble logging in to Online Learning

If you use a different username other than your membership number you may experience problems logging onto the online education modules. If so please contact the membership team on 01423 881300 who can change this for you

I’m not sure if my online payment has gone through

For Membership queries, ring the membership team on 01423 881300

For Event queries, ring the events team on 01423 882969

For Publication/Article queries, ring the editorial team on 01423 882949

I can’t find the article I’m looking for

Try using alternative keyword searches, or the author's name. Alternatively call the editorial team on 01423 882950.

If you continue to experience any of these errors or cannot resolve them using the suggested guidance, or you experience any other problems, please call the membership team on 01423 881300. You may be asked to take a screen shot of the error message - press the "Prt Scr" button on your keyboard, then paste it into a document or email, and send it to
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