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Patient Safety Roadshow - 4

17 October 2013, 09:30 - 16:30

Venue details

Bradford Royal Infirmary
The Sovereign Lecture Theatre
Duckworth Lane

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• Do you know that hypothermia in a patient can cost your trust money?

• Are you confident that you are not compromising infection control in your theatres?

• Are you compliant with the new EU sharps directive?

• Do you know how your personal style impacts on your colleagues?

This roadshow event has been put together to raise awareness about patient safety in three main areas, infection prevention, sharps injury and patient warming. There will also be an interactive session to help you develop an awareness of how your personal style can impact on others. Classroom learning along with webinar sessions will guide you through these three critical areas of patient safety.

Download programme.

Additional Information

AfPP students members please register by email or calling Megan Sisley on 01423 881300. The AfPP student member fee is £10.00.

Contact details

Contact:Megan Sisley - 01423 881300


Have you ever experienced a fire in theatre that was related to the use of diathermy, skin prep or other pharmaceutical product?

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