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Event Full - Perioperative Leadership; Developing Leaders, Improving Care

30 June 2018, 09:00 - 16:30

Venue details

Birmingham Women's and Children’s NHS Foundation Trust
Lecture Room
West Midlands
B15 2TG

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“There is a longing for leadership that creates a path back to the sense of meaning and impact, that connection with our deepest human purpose that brings out the best in us and unites us all in a common mission” Christopher Johns (Mindful Leadership)

The way that we choose to lead can massively impact the quality of care that we deliver and the culture of the teams and environments that we work within. This quote from Christopher Johns is something that we all can aspire to achieve, being fully present and ready to face the challenges that come with an ever-evolving healthcare service. Our daily actions and behaviours must align with our main goals; the delivery of safe, high quality care, safeguarding our patients so that they receive positive experiences and outcomes and ensuring that our perioperative teams are supported, motivated, inspired and valued.

This study day will explore the following:-

  • Sharing best practice and experiences within the leadership role
  • Adapted leadership styles and how to manage some of the different personalities that you may meet within your role
  • The importance of using your skills and qualities positively to influence and implement changes within your clinical environments
  • How gaining a deeper insight into our own and others behaviours within stressful environments can have a positive impact
  • The importance of emotional intelligence and self-reflection and why it is crucial within the leadership role
  • Identify some of the challenging situations that you may experience within the leadership role, exploring some of the tools and techniques that can be utilised to achieve a positive experience/outcome

6 hours CPD entitlement

Download programme.

Additional Information

AfPP students please register by email or calling Kelly Squires on 01423 881300. The AfPP student fee is £10.00.

Contact details

Contact: Kelly Squires - 01423 881300


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