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Delivering Appropriate Length of Stay

Due to circumstances beyond our control this event has been cancelled.  

Chaired by Andrew Corbett-Nolan Chief Executive Good Governance Institute this one day conference will open with a presentation from the Chair on meeting the Quality and Productivity Challenge, developing consensus and ensuring the Length of Stay is appropriate for quality patient outcomes and does not negatively impact on readmissions. Both the QIPP and readmissions agenda make it imperative that NHS Trusts ensure Length of Stay is appropriate for patients – ensuring they are not too short that they could lead to increasing costly readmission, but not too long as to burden the NHS with additional costs, therefore, its about finding the right balance and ensuring consensus on what the optimum Length of Stay is for a group of patients.

Roger Taylor ResearchDirector, Dr FosterUnit Imperial College London continues the morning session with a focus on the evidence on the Length of Stay including an overview of methods for monitoring Length of Stay in NHS Trusts in England, what the rates do and don’t tell us, and question if there’s a relationship between the Length of Stay and mortality for various conditions?

Delegates will also have the opportunity to hear about Enhanced Recovery and Length of Stay with a focus on implementing the Enhanced Recovery Programme to support patients to recovery more quickly from surgery. The aims of the programme are to improve the quality of the patient experience and outcomes, and reduce the length of elective care pathways across the NHS by sharing the good practice principles of enhanced recovery models of care.*

A series of healthcare professionals will discuss developments in Length of Stay following recent Government announcements, enabling you to question the speakers, share experiences and take back recommendations to improve practice within your organisation.

Healthcare Events and AfPP are pleased to offer AfPP members 5 places free on this event. If you are interested please send your details, including:

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To quoting "Healtchcare Events", closing date for applications is 17 January 2011. For more information about the event click on the PDF below


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