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AfPP Residential 2019

Booking is now closed for this event!

'Save the date'

Annual Conference Dates: 10 - 13 September 2020

Location: The University of York

Here is a taste of what you missed from the 2019 Residential Conference...


Joy Ongcachuy - My Journey: A Terrorist Attack 

This year's Residential Conference includes:

  • Silent lectures

  • Speed education workshops

  • Poster presentations

  • Over 400 attendees 

  • Up to 40 medical industry exhibitors 

  • Social event each night 

  • Celebration of members

*You must have been a member of AfPP for a minimum of six months, or have paid for a full year's subscription, prior to the event to be eligible for the member discount offer*


Adam Alderson - It takes guts - The Yorkshire Yak

Rob Tomlinson - Below 10,000ft 

Jules Wyman - How infectious are you?

Allan Marriott - Orthopaedic Aspirations

Oliver Tierney - Leading on a New Initiative - SFA Programme

Chloe Rich - The Paediatric Patient in Anaesthetics/PACU

Maxine Page - Competency Based Assessments and their Impact on Safety

Linda Hindle - Allied Health Professions Update 

Lisa Nealen - How to Implement Smoke Free Theatres

Mark Taylor - Theatre Apparel:Comfort V's Protection

Kat Topley - One Together Update 


Scarlett McNally - Diversity: Women in Surgery and Surgical Care Teams

Mona Guckian Fisher - IFPN: Power, Influence & Global Responsibility 

Adrian Jones - Advanced Practice. "I need an assistant!" Fact or Fiction?

Lindsay Keeley - Evolving Roles and Foundations in Practice

Anthony Garbutt - Theatre Cap Challenge

Denise Guzdz - Human Factors and Civility 

Gail Lowdon - Reducing Surgical Site Infection: Sharing Our Journey

Thomas McAlindon & Joshua Bartlett - THe Hidden Costs Of Waste Management

Helen Bevan - Influencing and Implementing Change within a Leadership Role


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