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Summer School

Join the AfPP Summer School in partnership with Incision

Get free access to over 500 high-quality video courses in July, August and September.

AfPP are partnering with Incision to support the ongoing education and training of our members, giving you free access to the full Incision Academy all summer!

AfPP Summer School with Incision

Access the AfPP Summer School

Members can access the Summer School for free here.

How can you benefit from the AfPP Summer School?

  • Provide instant access to 100% online learning – gain CPD hours on your own schedule
  • Increase your confidence to deliver quality care and be a patient safety advocate
  • Direct your career and help you keep focused on your training goals
  • Uncover gaps in your skills and identify areas for further development
  • Demonstrate your professional capabilities to employers
  • Help you with your career development, or even a career change!

Over 500 free courses to enhance your skills and knowledge within perioperative practice. Get a certificate for every course you complete.

Manage your own development with the AfPP Summer School. Whether you’re a Student, Theatre Nurse, ODP, Healthcare Assistant or Theatre Manager there are resources to support everyone who works in the perioperative environment.

Explore different course categories

  • Basic Principles & Skills
  • Instruments & Devices
  • Anaesthetic Techniques
  • Surgical Procedures
  • 3D Anatomy Models and more!

About Incision

Incision was founded by Prof. Dr. Theo Wiggers and various other entrepreneurial professionals in 2014.

Incision's highly driven team works in a fast-paced, scale-up environment with the main headquarters being in Amsterdam. Their staff consists of a mix of medical doctors and industry leaders in product, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Incision believe in sharing surgical skills and making high quality surgical knowledge accessible to everyone. That’s why they created Incision — to enable continuous surgical improvement that leads to better outcomes for everyone.


If you have any questions regarding the AfPP Summer School content, you can contact Incision at

The Incision Academy is accredited by the Royal College of Surgeons and endorsed by the ASGBI. Incision Academy is not accredited by AfPP, some information may differ to that outlined in our Standards and Recommendations.


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