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Deliver theatre access in your workplace

If you are unable to attend one of our planned theatre access sessions, why not create a tailor made training package? 

The course is fully customisable; which allows us to develop and add modules to your requirements whilst keeping the base learning intact. 

A previous client required a different approach for their employees with a clinical background.  For this group they needed a clearer guide on their involvement in patient care and understanding  differences in policies and procedures when attending from an industry perspective rather than working in the environment.  To ensure optimum learning the delegates were split into smaller groups of 15.  Six workshops were provided over a three day period at their offices with one being focussed on delegates with a clinical background. 

Every course we provide can be run at AfPP HQ or on site at your offices, whatever is more convenient.  Each delegate will receive the course material, a certificate of completion and a theatre access pass card which is valid for two years.  This can then be re-accredited with a refresher course.  

If you would like to discuss how we can create a course for you please contact Kelly Squires or 01423 882969.   

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