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50 years of setting the standards in perioperative excellence


The Association for Perioperative Practice (AfPP) has achieved so much in the last 50 years from standard setting through to engagement in support of our main goal which is to be the leading authority on perioperative excellence. 

From small beginnings and from the ideal of our founding member, Daisy Ayris, to share best practice, we have provided the back drop for many perioperative practitioners to be part of a national professional body aimed at improving patient outcomes through education, advice, engagement, consultation and publications.

By encouraging our members to be the best they can be through collaboration, engagement and continual improvement we are supporting patient safety from the outset.  We continually strive to support best practice within the perioperative environment and identify and implement risk management strategies to ensure positive health outcomes.

Daisy Ayris, MBE

AfPP believes that clinical excellence is not just about standard setting and competency based learning but also about making our members think differently about their profession by raising the profile of perioperative practitioners, engaging with other healthcare professionals and sharing knowledge and best practice.  As an organisation we can only strengthen our influence to improve patient safety through our networks and by lobbying those who are positions of power to make a difference.

Healthcare will always be in the spotlight and we want to ensure that our members are singled out for achieving exceptional standards not for failing in their duty of care.

We would like to thank all those people who have had a role in making AfPP what it is today because without them we would not have achieved so much.  We are in the privileged position to be at the helm during our anniversary year and we want to ensure that all our members old and new, benefit from our celebrations in some way.

We hope you enjoy these commemorative pages celebrating 50 years of AfPP’s evolution and recognising perioperative change and improvement over the last 50 years.  We encourage you to come with us on our continuing journey of excellence and to embrace new innovation and ideas that will be introduced into the healthcare landscape particularly in this critical area of surgical care.


Dawn Stott, CEO

Sue Lord, President

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