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Embracing Action at AORN’s Global Surgical Conference and Expo

Released on - 06/04/2018

Embracing Action at AORN’s Global Surgical Conference and Expo

In recent weeks, AfPP President Adrian Jones and Past President Mona Guckian Fisher attended the AORN Global Surgical Conference and Expo in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The 65th annual event, “Embracing Action: Mind Body Spirit”, featured a dynamic range of topics, world-renowned speakers, innovative researchers and the latest products and services affecting safe practice, with more than 10,000 delegates and trade partners attending from across the globe.

In the build up to the conference, Past President Mona had the privilege of speaking at AORN’s Global Summit, forming part of the panel for the session, “Comparing Policies Across Borders”. Held in conjunction with AORN’s Global Surgical Conference and Expo, the annual Summit brings together nurses practicing in the USA and abroad to discuss issues impacting all perioperative nurses.

This year’s discussions addressed enhanced recovery after surgery (ERAS), operating room design, preparing the patient for surgery, and substance misuse in healthcare staff, with similar issues experienced across the world’s operating theatres.

The conference itself offered a diverse programme of content with multiple education streams. Adrian’s interest in advanced roles saw him attend sessions on the Registered Nurse First Assistant (RNFA) role, in addition to sessions on introducing the incorrect count algorithm and a discussion on the use of smartphones in the operating theatre, both of which prompted energectic debate.

The exhibition comprised a surgical wonderland of workshops, hands-on sessions, and networking, with both Adrian and Mona making contacts to further AfPP’s work within the perioperative community.

Adrian comments: “I am so grateful for the opportunity to represent AfPP and its members on the global stage. It was an amazing week – and fantastic to see so many students involved. Over 350 student nurses attended, catered for with their own education pathway – certainly food for thought for AfPP events.

“AORN’s education programme was truly amazing, with all areas of care, research and topics covered, and the conference centre’s long hallways were lined with hundreds of posters representing hours of research, reflection and inspired clinical practice game changers.

“There is much for us to take away for consideration in our own practice and for the future of AfPP’s standards, education and events, and we look forward to sharing our experiences with our members over the coming months.”

The next conference will take place in Nashville, Tennessee, April 6 – 10 2019: home city of AORN’s incoming President Stephanie Davis. More information is available at:

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