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British girl is first child to receive artificial heart

Released on - 13/04/2017

British girl is first child to receive artificial heart

Chloe Narbonne is the first girl in Britain to receive an artificial heart after a failed heart transplant. She spent over 9 hours in surgery at London’s Royal Brompton Hospital.

Chloe’s parents made the decision to go ahead with the risky procedure after keeping the Worcester resident on life-support. Chloe was the first person in the world to be transported between hospitals with her chest open while on a life-supporting extracorporeal membrane oxygenation machine.

With the 50cc total artificial heart effectively fitted, doctors waited a number of weeks for the Chloe's health to stabilise before transplanting a second donor heart.

Chloe’s parents are campaigning to alter the law on organ donation in Britain to an opt-out scheme, where people must specifically refuse permission for their organs to be repossessed.

Chloe said to the Guardian her experience had been “life-changing”.

“I feel well, like my normal self, but not quite my normal self, not after what I’ve been through,” 

“I guess the artificial heart was my lifesaver.”

Chloe’s condition meant her heart became enlarged and could not pump blood properly. It was diagnosed as dilated cardiomyopathy when she was a month old.

At 11 years of age she had a stroke whilst waiting for a new heart, and nearly died when her heart transplant failed.

Andre Simon the Heart Surgeon was required to reconstruct parts of Chloe’s atrium, or upper chamber that had been removed during the failed heart transplant.


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