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COVID-19 and Me: Amy Whitebrook

Released on - 07/07/2020

COVID-19 and Me: Amy Whitebrook

COVID-19 and Me: Amy Whitebrook

My name is Amy Whitebrook. I was in the final weeks of my 2nd year at uni when the pandemic started. I’d been really looking forward to going in to my third year and starting my placement but shortly after Covid-19 hit, my studies were suspended and my placement was cancelled.

Keeping myself motivated over the last few months has been a challenge. My tips to anyone in my position would be to keep a routine, plan ahead, keep in touch with your uni friends and tutors, and look for the positives you can get from the situation. 

I’ve been reading books and journals for a few hours each day to revise topics, and my uni friends and I have started a weekly WhatsApp revision session group. That’s been great, not just for revising but for keeping in touch and supporting each other as well. We also have a monthly zoom meeting with our tutors, and they’re all available on email so it’s quite easy to keep in contact. The more work I can put in now, at home, the less stressful it will make things when I return to the course.

One of the benefits of the remote learning is that it’s given me the time to explore topics I probably wouldn’t have looked at in so much detail if I was busy with placement. I’ve become really interested in the operating theatre culture and teamworking theories.

I think initially the unknown of what the future would hold was unnerving, but now I’m trying to use the situation as a reminder of how I can be adaptable. The pandemic has taught me that we can never get too comfortable, that we should be aware that everything can change with no notice.

I’m still hoping that I’ll complete my course on time, and that I’ll be able to contribute efforts towards helping with the backlog of elective surgeries in the near future.

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