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Released on - 13/02/2018


AfPP Volunteer Award 2017 recipients, Silkroad Surgery for Children recently sent a medical team to Myanmar on an education exchange mission to provide surgery to children of families in need.

The award, in memory of member Hilda Mears, provides up to £1,000 of funding to be used on overseas voluntary projects and is given to two perioperative practitioners each year. It aims to assist AfPP members in sharing their knowledge and skills with other volunteer organisations who facilitate direct patient care in areas where there is no access to free quality healthcare.

The internationally-sourced orthopaedic team worked alongside local doctors and nurses at the 550 Mandalay Children’s Hospital in an agreed collaboration with the hospital supported by the Myanmar Ministry of Health.

Twelve patients were screened, of which half were referred for conservative treatment and the others received life changing surgery. Among those treated was an eight year old boy whose malformed ankle was reconstructed, a five year old and 18-month old who received surgery to release tendons, and a 14 year old boy who was operated on to stop knee dislocation when walking. All will now lead more independent lives with increased access to education and employment.

If you would like more information about the Volunteer Award, please contact Lisa Mason on 01423 882952 or email





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