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Hand Hygiene Quiz Results

Released on - 29/10/2020

Hand Hygiene Quiz Results

Hand Hygiene Quiz Results

Our Hand Hygieve Quiz has now closed and we have sifted through over 300 submissions to find those with the correct answers and using a random number generator we have selected five lucky winners. 

We are delighted to announce those winners are:

  • Sarah Ashford
  • Madalina Bobeleac
  • Rosemary Dower
  • Madeleine Emery
  • Samantha Luff

The winners have been notified by email and your prizes are in the post! 

And for those who entered and were wondering what the correct answers were you can find these below. 

1. What are hands permanently colonized by?

Hands carry transient microorganisms and are permanently colonised by resident microorganisms. 

(Please note, as this question's answer was free text we allowed answers that were correct but may not have been an exact match to the desired answer.) 

2. How long should your fingernails be to reduce puncture of surgical gloves and reduce the risk of harming the patient through bacterial transfer?

1 mm

No longer than 2mm - Correct


3. What are the My 5 Moments for Hand Hygiene? 

  • Before touching a patient.
  • Before clean/aseptic procedures.
  • After body fluid exposure/risk.
  • After touching a patient.
  • After touching patient surroundings.

4. The UK government public information campaign focusing on handwashing said you should wash your hands for how many seconds?  

10 seconds 

20 seconds - Correct

30 seconds

5. Alcohol based hand rub (ABHR) solutions provide the most rapid and most significant reduction in the microbial skin count but are not effective at removing debris and soiling.

True - Correct


Congratulations to all who got the answers right and thank you to everyone who entered! 

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