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I am not a robot

Released on - 09/02/2017

I am not a robot

NHS Digital have confirmed that so many NHS employees use the Google search engine that it had begun asking them to take a test to confirm they were "not a robot".

A news website, The Register, stated that one NHS Trust had asked staff to "use Bing" as an alternative.

Google implied its algorithms were designed to identify unfamiliar traffic and were working as anticipated. A Google spokeswoman said: "Our systems are simply checking that searches are being carried out by humans and not by robots in order to keep web users safe. Once a user has filled out the Captcha [security check], they can continue to use Google as normal."

The NHS have over 1 million members of staff, making it one of the largest employers in the world and due to the number of people using Google from the NHS network it triggered the search engine to think it was under a cyber-attack. Discovering suspicious traffic from a network can help overthrow possible cyber-attacks, such as efforts to try to engulf a website.

NHS Digital are currently in discussion with Google as to how they can help them to resolve the issue, but are not able to advise what staff may be searching for on Google.


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