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Introducing Our New South West Regional Lead...

Released on - 16/05/2022

Introducing Our New South West Regional Lead...

We're delighted to introduce our new South West Regional Lead... Cyrus Solano.

My full name is Roel Cyrus Solano, however I like to be called Cyrus. I am an internationally trained nurse who came to work in the UK in 2017.

I obtained my Bachelors Degree in Nursing in 2012 at St. Alexius College, Koronadal City, Philippines. I finished top of my class and received the Latin Honours “Cum Laude” or “With Honours” and passed my Nursing Licensure Exam in the same year.

I started my career in Perioperative Nursing as a Recovery Nurse at San Pedro Hospital, Davao City, Philippines. After eight months, I rotated and became a Theatre Staff Nurse covering both Surgical and Anaesthetics.

Two years after, I became a Senior Theatre Practitioner and was designated to lead the Opthalmology and Minimally Invasive Surgery specialties.

I have been a member of the Operating Room Nurses Association of the Philippines (ORNAP) – Davao Chapter from 2013 and became an Assistant Treasurer from 2015 to 2017.

In November of 2017, I left my beloved country to work and further my horizon in the United Kingdom. I worked as a Surgical Ward Nurse at Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust until January 2019.

After this, I  started as a Theatre Practitioner mainly allocated to the Colorectal, UGI, and Urology specialties. I then took the opportunity to learn more about other things, especially Breast, Obstetrics, and Gynaecology.

Continuously learning new things is my passion. Hence, when allowed to take on the 20-credit module Level 7 Principles of Anaesthetic care course, I took and passed the course conducted by Birmingham City University. I enjoy assisting on the anaesthetic side of the perioperative practice and how exciting airway management is. I also became an NMC Practice Educator. I obtained this role by attending a course conducted by the Education Team of my current Trust in partnership with Plymouth University.

I continue to attend various training sessions and seminars as I believe keeping up your knowledge and skills is an essential component to ensure the highest standard of patient care is maintained and promoted.

This is why I decided to join AfPP, it not only offers the tools and means to keep you updated on various perioperative trends, but it also gives you a chance to network with other perioperative practitioners - sharing and best practices that improve our patients’ perioperative journey. The organisation is not just about patient safety, but it promotes self-caring. 

I wanted to be part of AfPP and to share my time and knowledge to help improve the standards of our practices and, at the same time, learn and gain more understanding from my fellow perioperative practitioners.

“Behind a great Surgeon and Anaesthetist is a great PERIOPERATIVE PRACTITIONER.”

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