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NICE COVID-19 Specialty Guides

Released on - 01/12/2020

NICE COVID-19 Specialty Guides

National Institute for Health Care Excellence COVID-19 Specialty Guides

These guides are aimed at specialists working in hospitals in England during the pandemic. They aim to help departments continue essential care for patients while supporting the wider hospital and community to provide care for people with COVID-19.

The guides were produced by NHS England and NHS Improvement. They are for guidance only and are not mandatory. 

Providers and clinicians should use them alongside:

  • their clinical judgement
  • their knowledge of the patient
  • local health resources
  • the pandemic situation.

They should also be mindful of the NHS provider and clinicians' own legal and professional duties.

We will review the content of these guides and integrate it into NICE guidance. Integrated guides will then be removed from our website.

The NICE guides are available to access here.

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