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Pay Rise Statement

Released on - 29/03/2021

Pay Rise Statement

Following consultation with some of our members I am responding on behalf of the Board of AfPP to the proposed 1% pay rise recommended by the government to Health Care workers.

This offer directly impacts AfPP members who have worked throughout this pandemic under exceptional circumstances, stepping forward to care for critically ill COVID-19 patients.  This has often meant them working outside of their normal scope of practice, sometimes with limited training. 

As the pandemic subsides in the UK, our members will be preparing to re-instate the provision of elective surgery to an exceptionally long list of awaiting patients.

Whilst the Board of AfPP are aware of the cost pressures upon the government at this time, we do not a believe a 1% rise is by any means a reasonable amount. We also recognise that we are a professional membership organisation not a union, so will not be engaging in debates around what is and what isn’t enough. There are unions already undertaking a lot of work in this area. 

However, as the UK’s largest membership organisation for theatre practitioners, we wish to support our members and everyone working in perioperative practice. We will seek to work with the media to raise your profile, highlight the value of your skills and draw attention to the potential negative impact of this pay offer.

John Dade
President, AfPP

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