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AfPP Heads Perioperative Care Collaborative

Released on - 11/01/2018

AfPP Heads Perioperative Care Collaborative

The Association for Perioperative Practice has been recently elected to chair the Perioperative Care Collaborative (PCC) for two years from January 2018.

The PCC is comprised of professional bodies representing perioperative practitioners across the NHS, independent care settings, and academia. It brings together representatives from across the multidisciplinary team to discuss current issues and promote best practice to improve the surgical patient’s experience.

The Collaborative, which meets four times a year, has developed a number of position statements defining best practice as well as developing an educational curriculum for perioperative nurses reflecting both the European nursing curriculum and the UK CODP curriculum.

AfPP President Adrian Jones comments: “We are delighted to be able to chair this important group over the next two years. As a member organisation of the PCC, we are able to work closely with other influential organisations dedicated to improving the experience for both perioperative patients and the practitioners involved in their care.

“As chairing organisation we will work hard to build on the precedent set by our colleagues, ensuring every role in the multi-profession team, in line with our diverse membership, is given a voice on the issues affecting perioperative practice.”

The Collaborative’s next project will review the 2015 position statement on non-registered perioperative practitioners. This changing environment often sees those working in non-registered roles challenged by registered team members responsible for delegation and supervision, despite their valuable contribution to the team.

The PCC’s position statement on the Surgical First Assistant role was reviewed at the most recent meeting in December and will be published later this month.

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