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Perioperative Professionals Collage

Released on - 12/05/2021

Perioperative Professionals Collage

Thank you to all members who have submitted photos of their perioperative teams to celebrate ODP and Nurses Days. 

The photos in this collage have been sent in as photos that represent the perioperative profession. They demonstrate the teamwork and collaborative culture that is instilled within the profession. 

Photos include:

  • Nurses and ODPs in the Endoscopy suite at BMI Droitwich Spa Hospital
  • ODPs from late 80s at Eastbourne DGH
  • ODPs at York Hospital
  • ODP Mohammad Zubair Samadi
  • ODPs at Bolton
  • Chris Cunliffe in training videos
  • ODP Marc Ward at Bolton University
  • ODP Mark Greenhalgh at Bolton University
  • Nurses at Aberdeen Maternity Hospital Theatre Team


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