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AfPP Journal of Perioperative Practice to be published by SAGE

Released on - 28/11/2017

AfPP Journal of Perioperative Practice to be published by SAGE

The Association for Perioperative Practice (AfPP) today announces that from early 2018 SAGE Publishing is to begin publishing the Journal of Perioperative Practice (JPP) on behalf of AfPP. AfPP feels that this partnership is a very positive step for the JPP, which will continue to be published ten times per year.

Dawn Stott, Chief Executive, the Association for Perioperative Practice comments:

“AfPP’s objective is to advance health by improving patient care in the perioperative setting and JPP is an important way for us to disseminate the latest research to practitioners in service of this aim. With SAGE, a publisher that passionately believes in the power of scholarship and education, we look forward to seeing the impact of our journal research grow and expand and ultimately have a greater impact on frontline care.”

 “JPP is an important space for practitioners, researchers and students to access the latest research and information regarding perioperative care, research that is vital for the advancement of patient care in preoperative, intraoperative, and postoperative settings in hospitals across the UK”, commented Karen McColgan, Editor-in-Chief of JPP. 

Promoting the enhancement of skills and knowledge surrounding perioperative practice, JPP publishes literature reviews, research-based articles, topical discussions, advice on clinical issues, the current news agenda and product information.

“Being published by world-renowned publisher SAGE ensures the wide reach and availability of this research and we look forward to the extensive discussions that this move will enable us to have with practitioners”, McColgan continued.

Tessa Picknett, Executive Director, STM Editorial further commented 

“We are delighted to partner with the AfPP- the UK’s leading voice in perioperative care, which represents a high proportion of all UK Nurses andOperating Department Practitioners.  JPP will be a highly valued addition to our portfolio of journals and we look forward to a strong partnership that delivers exciting new content and services, and provides a high quality experience for authors, readers, and members working in the perioperative environment.” 

AfPP will be working closely with SAGE to ensure the continued development and future success of the JPP.

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