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Skills for Health National Covid-19 Workforce Survey

Released on - 19/06/2020

Skills for Health National Covid-19 Workforce Survey

Have you had your say in our national Covid-19 Workforce Survey?

In the last two weeks almost 1500 staff and employers from across our front-line NHS, and health and care workforce, have told us how the pandemic has impacted their work.

The survey is open until June 30 and we need your reflections and insights to inform a vital report that will help us understand the critical skills required to rebuild a sustainable sector for the future. 

Preliminary findings to emerge so far highlight: 

  • more than half state the pandemic has had a negative effect on staff mental health.
  • the vast majority state an increase in training needs due to large numbers of new staff, as well as redeployed existing staff. Including: use of PPE and infection prevention and control; how to use IT equipment to work remotely; coping with change; managing a remote workforce; health and well-being; specific requirements for restraints and physical intervention.
  • a quarter state their organisation will lose skills/talent as a result of the pandemic through: colleagues who have sadly passed away from Covid-19; others suffering long-term illness - leaving unfilled vacancies; increased pressure causing key staff to resign or take early retirement.
  • half state recruitment will increase over the next 6 months due to a strain on services. Roles required include: medical support workers, HCAs, Phlebotomists, Nurses/Nursing Associates, GPs, ICU, bank staff.
  • post Covid-19, key improvement for organisations will be: empowering a remote workforce; creating positive workplace culture; engaging clients/service users virtually; leadership development; accelerating agility and efficiency.

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