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The Face of AfPP Competition - June Winner

Released on - 01/06/2020

The Face of AfPP Competition - June Winner

The Face of AfPP Competition - June Winner

We are delighted to announce that the June winner of our Face of AfPP Competition is St. Peter’s Main Theatres/ DSU at Ashford and St. Peter’s Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. Congratulations to the team and all involved in this initiative, below is their submission.


The Team have verbalised the need of giving a particular member of staff every month for the recognition they deserve for a job well done!

The initiative started last June of 2019 until now. Criteria’s have been set as follows:

  • Has a very good working ethics
  • Very credible when performing a task- doesn’t moan/ complain
  • Has worked well with others and shown great respect towards colleagues and patients
  • Always on time and wears appropriate uniform including badges
  • Has shown commitment and dedication
  • Has gone above and beyond the performed assigned task.

All multidisciplinary teams are entitled to vote based on the criteria’s set.

We have used a Star Box as seen on the photo as a Ballot box for voting- recycled Christmas star box, so no money spent.

Two to three days before the end of the month, we open the box and those names with the highest number of votes will be announced as the ‘Star of the Month’ 

We have given the winners a Certificate of Appreciation plus a £10 vouchers to spend courtesy of the Surgical and Anaesthetic Team.

Staff morale have increased tremendously over the months and the Teams have been very supportive about the cause.

Photos taken and posted on our Star of the Month Wall to give encouragement to other members of the Theatre Team to perform better and feel appreciated.

Announcement are being made through our ‘Monthly Lunch Do’ which is another one of our initiative every month, staff bring in food to share, showcasing different delicacies all around the world, creating an atmosphere of togetherness, trust and teamwork!

The following is a list of names of those who appear in the photo from left to right:

  • Bottom left- ODP Louise Jackson-Eeles
  • Top left- Recovery Nurse Cristene Blake
  • Dr. Pocknall Anaesthetist
  • DSR Georgia Gumbleton
  • DSR Melitona OPENA
  • DSR Jennifer Tanarte
  • Recovery Nurse Shanetta Forbes
  • DSR Rekha Menon
  • SR Leynie Lugtu
  • At the back- Star of the Month for February- Porter ERIC WELLER
  • In front of Eric- SN Omobolanle Oladeji
  • Front- DSR Renuka Sasikumar
  • Top Right- Porter Martin Collings 
  • Bottom Right- ATP Exequiel Atencio


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