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The Formation of PanSurg

Released on - 29/03/2020

The Formation of PanSurg

PanSurg was created in recognition of the unparalleled challenges currently facing healthcare systems around the world from the COVID-19 pandemic.  PanSurg is a global hub for surgeons and related professionals to share experiences, policy, data and research for the delivery of safe, effective surgery during the pandemic. The organisation aims to make a difference to frontline surgical care in real-time.

As COVID-19 spreads beyond borders, it is vital that we draw on our collective experiences quickly and intelligently to serve our patients safely and effectively.

Flexibility and learning are central to effective adaptation so we have created a space for real-time sharing of work and ideas to support safe surgical practice globally in the context of this pandemic.

Pansurg has already provided two high quality webcasts from Italian surgeons addressing PPE, organisation, pre-operative care and assessment. Future Webcasts include Disaster Response Modelling, Colorectal Cancer care in the Pandemic and Laparoscopy versus Open surgery.  There are resource documents which will be categorised by two of the big tech firms and research opportunities.

As a society, the ALSGBI, supports these activities and will contribute to the initiative in the form of webcasts and position statements. 

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