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The Perioperative Care Collaborative Position Statement

Released on - 23/03/2020

The Perioperative Care Collaborative Position Statement

The Perioperative Care Collaborative Position Statement 

The Role of the Perioperative Healthcare Assistant in the Surgical Care Team


The aim of this position statement by the PCC is to set out the principles and guidance relating to both the PHCA scope of practice and their undertaking of delegated interventions and tasks in perioperative roles. Both employers and registered practitioners are required to ensure that patient safety is paramount. This should be a primary consideration when delegating roles to a PHCA, which should also comply with the regulatory standards. (NMC, 2018: Para 11; HCPC, 2016: Para 4). In England and Wales the Workforce Standards of the National Safety Standards for Invasive Procedures (NHSI, 2015) are an additional source of guidance.

The number of PHCAs employed within the National Health Service (NHS) and Independent Sector has increased rapidly in recent years across all elements of healthcare. The number of staff employed as PHCAs within perioperative teams has also increased and the PCC has recognised diversity in their roles and in the standards and quality of underpinning education and training.  Furthermore, the PCC considers that PHCAs provide a valuable contribution to the multidisciplinary team and in the delivery of quality patient care in the perioperative environment. 

The PCC considers that the Skills for Health (2009-19) ‘National Occupational Standards for Support Worker and Assistant Practitioner – Theatres’ are the benchmark core competencies that all training programmes must meet.  These competencies provide a national standard and access to this training is available and recognised in all four countries of the UK.  It is recognised that these competencies may be embedded within a formal educational course, for example a Foundation Degree (FdSc).

This Position Statement therefore outlines the principles of best practice in supporting the practice of the PHCA within the perioperative team. The PCC advocates that these principles should be acknowledged and recognised by all registered practitioners and adopted by all employing organisations, in line with local frameworks for clinical governance.

To read the position statement please download the below document. 


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