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A Day In The Life of... A Clinical Education Facilitator

Released on - 30/11/2021

A Day In The Life of... A Clinical Education Facilitator

Working in perioperative care can lead practitioners to roles in a wide range of environments, from clinics and lecture theatres to day surgery centres and field hospitals. At AfPP, we are passionate about sharing real-life stories that inspire practitioners to explore all options available to get the most out of their career!

Your perioperative career path can be flexible, challenging and hugely rewarding. Today, we are taking a look at the varied day of a Clinical Education Facilitator.

The below account is written by Louise Dye who is the Orthopaedics SIG Lead at AfPP and a Clinical Education Facilitator at Norfolk & Norwich Hospital.

Louise Dye

My name is Louise Dye and I am a Clinical Education Facilitator for the Orthopaedic Theatres service at the Norfolk & Norwich Hospital. My role is varied and very rewarding. It is the most positive position I have held in a theatre suite, enabling me to interact with all levels of staff within the team.

As my title suggests, my role is to facilitate the educational needs of the Orthopaedic theatre team. This revolves around ensuring that they have access to up to date, evidence-based learning to provide high standards of perioperative care. To achieve this, I facilitate training sessions with the company representatives who supply our implants so staff are able to learn away from the immediate clinical environment. I also research alternative training methods via online platforms and webinars, sharing these with the theatre teams so they can access them in their own time.

In another part of my role, I am involved with the supervision and assessment of students who are on placement in our team. This includes Student Nurses, Student Operating Department Practitioners (ODPs) and Student Paramedics. The trust I work in facilitates degree students and apprentice students from several local universities, which brings a wide variety of course programmes for us to facilitate.

All new staff joining the department are placed onto a training programme which I also monitor. My role here is to ensure they are appropriately supported and have access to additional training sessions. As clinical time places restrictions on staff training time, we facilitate weekend training sessions and have reps facilitate training on our governance days when we have reduced operating sessions. We have also developed a variety of learning packs to support the education of our Orthopaedic staff.

As you can see from the outline above, my days are varied and I have to run my own schedule to fit everything in. Having access to the staff rosters means I can plan ahead so we don’t miss key development review dates.

I am part of the senior team for the Orthopaedic service, as well as a team member for the Practice Development team so I also get to support other teams in the department as well as my practice development colleagues.

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