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Robotics Webinar This Saturday!

Released on - 27/11/2023

Robotics Webinar This Saturday!

Unlike conventional surgery, Robotic assisted surgery (RAS) is on the rise and is the future. Therefore, what is robotic surgery and what are some of the challenges?

With RAS there is more training involved for both the surgeon and the surgical team as well as the changing dynamic in the room of a robot being centre stage. It's a whole new set of instruments and technology to learn as well as new communication hurdles to tackle.

It also begs the question: Is RAS better than conventional surgery - and is it worth it in the long run? Session learning outcomes: • The delegate will be able to outline what is Robotic assisted surgery. • The delegate will be able to identify the communication challenges faced with Robotic surgery. • Identify the challenges of a new and developing team.

For AfPP members the cost is only £5 (with the discount code), AfPP student members 100% FREE, and non-members just £10.

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