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Introducing Our New Anaesthetic, Recovery and Day Surgery SIG Lead

Released on - 24/06/2022

Introducing Our New Anaesthetic, Recovery and Day Surgery SIG Lead

We are delighted to introduce our new Anaesthetic, Recovery and Day Surgery SIG Lead… Mirela Reynolds Bsc (Hons). Mirela is a Clinical Theatre Practitioner and Registered Nurse. Currently, she is working in Main Theatres and Obstetrics within an NHS Trust in Kent, primarily as an Anaesthetic Practitioner.

Over 28 years of nursing practice - in various specialities and across three countries - have made me adaptable, resilient, and fluent in applying my solid nursing skills and knowledge in a variety of settings. I have a holistic and empathic approach in dealing with patients, and I keep the principles of the NMC Code of practice at the heart of my activity.

My diploma in General Medicine Nursing from Eastern Europe was followed, 20 years later, by a BSc in Health and Social Care (Perioperative Route) from Greenwich University. My academic achievement gave me the confidence to initiate and conduct audits to improve the patients' outcome. I still continually underpin my activity with theoretical evidence - frequently attending courses and reading relevant literature. 

I started my career in an Intensive Care Unit (ICU). This gave me the confidence to rapidly assess a critically ill patient - adult and paediatric - and expertly apply all nursing techniques required in emergencies. In the same hospital, I first worked as an Anaesthetic Nurse. My confidence has only grown over the years with my practice in various acute settings. 

After working in the ICU, I spent five years in the Emirates working in a private hospital in medical, surgical wards and clinics.

I also have over 12 years’ experience as a Recovery Team Leader. Recovery is an area where nurses work autonomously once they’ve been mentored and assessed appropriately. During this time, I kept my anaesthetic practice skills where I applied my attention to detail, presence of spirit and a holistic view of the patient’s condition to prevent any deterioration. I practice being the patient’s advocate, as the patients in my care may not be able to express their needs.

During 2016-2021 I deputised for the Theatre Manager by taking on the Theatre Co-ordinator role in Day Surgery on a rotational basis.

Throughout my career, I’ve mentored dozens of students and conducted many appraisals. Moreover, I contribute to the development of the nurses in our operating theatres by organising teaching sessions. I am passionate about educating the new generation of nurses. 

I recently put together and delivered a PowerPoint presentation on Teamwork and Wellbeing as part of my final project for my Certificate in Management from ILM, an internationally recognised accolade. 


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