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Dr Christopher Wood Wins David Pidduck Novice Writers' Award 2021

Released on - 27/09/2021

Dr Christopher Wood Wins David Pidduck Novice Writers' Award 2021

Congratulations to Dr Christopher Wood who is this year's winner of the David Pidduck Novice Writers' Award for his paper 'Fluid management: An update for perioperative practitioners'.

The paper, published in Volume 31, Issue 3, of the Journal, was written with the aim to provide perioperative practitioners with a complete overview of fluid management covering key issues around the physiological control of fluid balance, choice of intravenous fluid therapy, methods to monitor intravascular volume and factors which influence delivery.

AfPP members can read the full paper at

Upon receiving the award, Dr Wood, ICU and Anaesthetic SpR at Northern Denary, said:

"It's great to have won the 'Novice Writer Award', I'm very thankful."

"Fluid balance is a common and challenging clinical problem health care professionals face. Having a basic understanding of the physiological and pharmacological goals will undoubtedly improve patient outcomes. The AfPP is a respected journal present on a range of platforms including PubMed, resulting in a great submission choice!"

About the Award

The Novice Writers' Award was introduced in 2004 to commemorate David Pidduck, Editor of the AfPP newsletter 2002-04.

David was keen to raise the profile of novice writers, inspiring new authors to get their articles published. Following his sudden death in 2004, the award was introduced to recognise his work within the association and continue to encourage new authors.

All papers by first time authors are automatically entered for consideration for the David Pidduck award. Below are the award criteria used by the editorial board when choosing a winner:

  • A work that is clearly within the editorial scope and remit of the Journal.
  • Rigour in terms of argument or analysis.
  • Relevance - to practice and perhaps an indication of further research.
  • Up to date - demonstrating that the latest/key works in the field have been cited.
  • Excellent structure, clear and well written.

Papers by previous Novice Writers' award winners (2004-21) are freely available to the public here:

For more information about the award and entry criteria for 2022, please visit:


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