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*Subsidised rate so confirmation of place on a pre-registered course will be required

**Only available for existing AfPP members upon retirement – must no longer work or register with professional bodies

*** Overseas membership rate includes airmail postage costs worldwide

The above prices were introduced on 1 April 2022 and now apply for all new members and renewals.

If you're already a member, you will continue to pay the old prices for the duration of your current membership term. So, a Registered Member whose annual membership expires on 1 August 2022 will continue paying £8.75/month until that date. Then, at renewal, they'll start paying the new £10.25/month rate.

Direct Debits

If you currently pay annually but would like to spread your payments to monthly, call our membership team today about setting up a direct debit or download the form from the website here

Tax Relief

Don’t forget, you can claim tax relief for up to FOUR years of your AfPP membership fees! Plus, you can claim tax relief for your uniform laundry expenses too. Visit our tax relief page for more information.

Terms & Conditions

“Membership” is on an ongoing basis but payments are for a term of 12 months unless otherwise stated. Upon agreement of membership, you are liable for any outstanding payments in full and no payments are refundable. We will inform you when your membership is due for payment, by writing, approx 20 days before that date. If we receive no membership decision in accordance with your renewal notice we will automatically renew your membership for the same period using the same payment method. (Please note unless requested otherwise, direct debit payments will be taken on a monthly basis).
If you wish to cancel your membership before your renewal date it must be submitted in writing. The “Member” will remain liable for any outstanding “Membership Fee” if applicable (normally the remainder of the 12 months). Cancellation of “Membership” must be given in writing at least 7 days before the renewal date otherwise payment may be collected by monthly direct debit and will be non refundable. It is your responsibility to cancel any direct debits paid to us by your bank.

Your AfPP subscription is tax deductible. To claim tax back please please call our membership team on 01423 881300 for details of your membership subscription.

*Monthly subscriptions rates must be paid by direct debit. To apply for membership and to pay by direct debit, please complete this form. Sign it and return it by post.

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