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AfPP Medical Professional Liability Insurance

Who can apply?

AfPP Medical Professional Liability Insurance is a Member only scheme.

The fee is in addition to your AfPP membership fee and you must maintain AfPP membership to remain covered.

As a condition of your professional registration, you must self-declare that you have an indemnity arrangement in place when you practise. Each practitioner is responsible for making sure they have the appropriate cover for their role and scope of practice. The cover in place should be relevant to the risks involved in your practice and be sufficient if a claim is successfully made against you.

If you work for the NHS, you will already have an indemnity arrangement. The NHS insures its employees for work carried out on its behalf. You may however require additional cover if you perform extended roles. For further clarification ask your employer and visit the website of your registering body.

The AfPP Medical Liability Insurance policy has been created specifically for practitioners working in and around operating theatres providing perioperative services defined as pre-operative anaesthetic care, intra-operative care and post-operative care.

For more information from your professional body, visit the following websites:

HCPC Indemnity Guidance

NMC Indemnity Guidance

Indemnity Limits and Premiums

1st April 2023 – 31st March 2024

The overall annual aggregate limit of liability in respect of the members of the Association for Perioperative Practice (the insured) is limited to a maximum blanket limit of liability of £9,000,000.00 including costs and expenses.

£1 million cover = £118.03

£3 million cover = £148.27

£3 million+ cover = £272.95

Insurance prices include an Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) of 12% and a non-refundable AfPP administration fee of £21.55.

How to Apply

Click the below buttons or follow this link.

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Payment is required in full by Credit/Debit card. Payment must be made on the insurance portal.

If you have any queries, please contact the Membership Team on 01423 881 300.

8am – 5pm Monday to Friday


Further Information

Before applying or renewing your insurance, we recommend that you read carefully all the information available here on our website, in particular ‘Keyfacts’, ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, ‘Marsh Commercial Legal Pack’ and ‘Policy Wording’. This will give you full details of what is included in the policy and the policy limits.


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