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Awards and funding

AfPP offers a variety of awards and bursaries to fund educational opportunities.

Available to AfPP members*, these awards can provide funding for research and for educational opportunities and attendance at perioperative events in the UK and overseas.

Each year the AfPP awards portfolio provides funding for AfPP members to develop their professional potential through special educational programmes and promotion of their profession. Each year award winners are grateful for the opportunities that AfPP awards provide.

Let us decide who the winners are – don’t count yourself out of the application process – YOU could be an award winner.

Application forms and descriptions of these awards can be obtained by clicking on the individual award listed below. If you need help or advice completing the forms please call us on 01423 881300.

Awards monies will be paid to members in good faith, however, if a member should leave the Association in less than one year of receiving their award, they will be liable to refund the funds in full.

*Nominees for the Ethicon/AfPP Perioperative Practitioner of the Year award do not have to be an AfPP member but must be eligible for membership.

Education and Research Fellowship Fund

Reviewed and awarded quarterly. Apply for funding to attend courses, conferences, study days or to undertake research to a maximum of £2,000 over a three year period.

Status: Open
Application deadline:
9 November 2016

AfPP Siobhan Rankin Perioperative Team of the Year Award

This is an exciting prize for theatre teams of up to 15 individuals in Anaesthetics, Scrub, Surgery and Recovery who can win an educational prize worth up to £2,000.

Status: Open
Application deadline: 30 May 2016

Hilda Winifred Mears Award

This award will be given to two perioperative practitioners per year, each receiving £1,000 to assist them in undertaking their volunteer role.
Status: Open
Application deadline: 30 May 2016

ETHICON Nurse and Practitioner Educational Trust Fund Award

This is a trust fund that has been established by Ethicon to provide financial help to perioperative staff who need assistance with further education or training.

Status: Open

David Pidduck Award

This award is presented to a novice writer of an article published in the Journal of Perioperative Practice.

Status: Open

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