Link Members

Representing and Promoting AfPP in your Workplace

What is a Link Member?

A Link member is an individual at a hospital, trust or university who represents AfPP in the workplace. They are an important link between AfPP and the perioperative workplace.

They are committed to sharing their knowledge and experience with perioperative colleagues and to raising awareness of AfPP as a membership organisation for theatre practitioners. All AfPP Link members are volunteers.

Link Members are an important and valued part of AfPP. We want our Link Members to feel valued and confident in their role, and strive to provide them with all the support needed to feel part of the AfPP team.

We ask that Link Members:

  • Recruit new AfPP members
  • Recruit new AfPP members
  • Build awareness of AfPP, our aims and the work we do to improve patient care and safety
  • Develop an AfPP presence in their workplace
  • Develop an AfPP section on their theatre notice board(s) to display relevant AfPP information
  • Provide support and advice at AfPP events
  • Work with and support their regional AfPP team to promote educational activities

Interested in becoming a Link Member?

If you’re interested in becoming a Link member or would like support in your Link member role, please contact us and we’ll be happy to help.