Endorsement & Accreditation

Demonstrating commitment to high standards of perioperative care.


Endorsement is typically applied to educational materials. Products accepted for this service are liable for a one-off fee. The Endorsement lasts for two years and is a licence to use the ‘AfPP Endorsed’ logo on the approved material and whilst promoting it, during that two-year period.

AfPP’s expert panel will examine the content of material supplied with the application. Examples of materials covered include brochures, publications, leaflets, books, product literature, websites and Apps. Your endorsed material will also be listed on the AfPP website.



Accreditation is generally applied to training and courses, for example, seminars, courses, workshops, presentations, study days and webinars. The cost for this service is based on the number of continuing professional development (CPD) hours provided by the training.

Once your material has been passed for Accreditation you will be issued with the ‘AfPP Accredited’ or ‘AfPP Approved Educational Event” logo complete with validation date (valid for two years). Your Accredited material will also be listed on the AfPP website.