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In memory of Hilda Winifred Mears

Hilda Winifred Mears was a former member of AfPP, who held a significant number of perioperative posts both within the UK and abroad. Hilda died in 2008 and left a legacy to AfPP which is used to fund the Volunteer Award in her memory.

Individuals can receive funding of up to £2,000 to put skills to good use on Mercy Ships, Operation Smile or other overseas voluntary projects. The award will be given to two perioperative practitioners per year, each receiving £2,000 to assist them in undertaking their volunteer role.

Purpose of Award

  • The purpose of this award is to assist AfPP members to share their knowledge and skills with other volunteer organisations who facilitate direct patient care to patients overseas in areas where access to free quality healthcare is not available.

Criteria for Application

  • Applicants must be an AfPP member
  • Funding is not transferable
  • Funds will not be released until confirmation of the award winner’s placement has been received from the charity concerned
  • Funding must be claimed within 18 months of the grant being awarded
  • AfPP must be informed if the funding awarded is no longer required

If you would like to discuss your application before submission please contact 01423 881300 or email and we will be happy to provide guidance.

Please email completed application forms back to

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