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Paediatrics Group

Due to member demand, AfPP is pleased to announce the inception of this new Paediatric Specialist Interest Group (SIG). It can be used by any practitioner, whether paediatrics is your sole area of work or if you have paediatric patients from time to time within your department.

The forum is a place where questions can be asked, advice & ideas shared or information about new innovations & initiatives discussed. Within our membership there is a wealth of expertise & experience within the paediatric field, so make the most of this exciting new forum & share some of the knowledge that is out there.

This SIG, will be regularly monitored by Daniel Rodger and James Fox to ensure that new posts are added to encourage dialogue & discussion.


Reading Suggestions:

Listed below are a number of books and journal articles that may be of interest for those currently working or intending to work in paediatrics.

Fundamentals of Paediatric Anaesthesia - Arun Kumar Paul
Core Topics in Paediatric Anaesthesia – Ian James & Isabeau Walker
Key Clinical Topics in Paediatric Surgery – Max Pachl, Michael N de la Hunt, Girish Jawaheer
Paediatrics at a Glance – Lawrence Miall, Mary Rudolf, Dominic Smith
Oxford Handbook of Paediatrics – Robert C.Tasker, Robert J. McClure, Carlo L. A Cerini

Journal Articles/Websites:
The differences of anaesthetic care in paediatrics compared with adults
Pediatric Physiology: How Does It Differ from Adults?
Pediatric Airway Management
How are children different?



The SIG is currently led by Daniel Rodger.

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