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Link Member role description

Link Members are an important and valued part of AfPP. We want our Link Members to feel valued and confident in their role, and strive to provide them with all the support needed to feel part of the AfPP team.

What is a Link Member?

The Link Member is a designated individual at a hospital, trust or university. Link Members play a vital role in the connection between AfPP and the perioperative environment, encouraging best practice and patient safety.

As a Link Member, we encourage you to:

  • Represent and promote the Association in your workplace
  • Assist with local AfPP membership recruitment
  • Act as a voice for perioperative colleagues in communicating with AfPP, including giving feedback on the Association's activities
  • Work with the regional team to promote events and networking opportunities, and raise awareness of AfPP
  • Play an active role in improving patient safety in your workplace by sharing best practice in line with AfPP's standards and guidance
  • Act in a manner that s consistent with AfPP's vision and values and the code of conduct for your profession
  • Communicate information that could affect the reputation of the Association
  • Let the Association know as soon as possible if you are unable to continue in your role and, where possible, help to recruit a new Link Member.

AfPP is committed to:

  • Offering support and guidance to you in your Link Member role
  • Providing early information about upcoming AfPP activities and events, as well as any decisions that may affect your role as a Link Member
  • Respecting our skills and individual wishes and doing our best to meet them
  • Providing you with the materials needed to promote AfPP's work
  • Offering discounts on membership and publications when you recruit new members
  • Working to our equal opportunities and confidentiality policies
  • Helping to recruit a new Link member if for any reason you are unable to continue with the role

If you would like to become a Link Member, please contact the membership team on 01423 881300 or email us on

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